Write For Us

Everything Shih Tzu is now accepting contributions from guest bloggers. 

If you like writing about dogs and want some free exposure to your blog or website, or just like to write about dogs, you can submit a post with your byline.


  • Each submission must be original, well researched, actual and factual with at about 500 words and written by the submitting author.  We only accept content that hasn't been, and won't be, published anywhere else on the Web and isn't copyrighted material.

  • Articles must be dog related.  Topics can include training, health issues, diet, traveling with your dog, grooming, adoption, a story with helpful information or tips for our readers.

    Think of a title that will grab the readers attention so they will read your article: Ask yourself what problem does my article solve? How will reading this make someone’s life better?

    Also consider using sub-headlines to make draw the readers down your post, and write in your own voice as if having a conversation with a friend.
  • Images may be submitted but must relate to the article, and include copyright information.
  • We reserve the right to edit your work (e.g. spelling, grammar, etc.) for clarity and to improve readability for our users.
  • The bio.  Your bio will appear at the end of your post, include your full name, and can contain a link plus a photo of you.   Your bio should be no more than 120 words.

    Please don’t hyperlink. Put relevant links in brackets: [https://www.everything-shih-tzu.com/writeforus]

    If you supply a link, it must be natural (not spammy), belong to the author and not lead to a website containing illegal, copyrighted or otherwise unsuitable content for general readers.

To submit, email us at submit@everything-shih-tzu.com

  • Email your ideas that your post will be about, not the full post yet.
  • Images should be sent as a separate file, and not pasted within the article document.

Submit only one article at a time.

Although we can't guarantee every submission will be published, we appreciate and read each submission. 

If your post has been accepted, we will respond within 15 days.

If your post has not run within 15 days of submission, we have passed.  You may however, submit a different post after 15 days.

No firms or companies please, individual writers only.