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Fromm adult small breed

I have a Shih tzu he is a year and half . He was diagnosed with Protosystemic Shunt and had surgery recently to remove stones in his bladder. I been feeding

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Archie's is 8 month old he's full of energy always wants to play

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Health Extensions Little Bites

I have 2 precious shih tzus puppies and they love Health Extensions Little Bites dry food. It's the perfect size for their tiny little mouths and is conveniently

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Shih Tzu Information |Things You Need To Know About Your Shih Tzu

Here you’ll find some basic Shih Tzu Information. Shih Tzu Dogs are one of our favorite picks of all the small breeds of dogs and are considered very family friendly dogs

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Dog Halloween Costumes

Dog Halloween costumes are a great way to include your pooch in on the fun. Find one here and enjoy the holiday

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Properly Grooming A Shih Tzu Coat

Properly caring for your Shih Tzu coat how to

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Why Health Insurance For Your Pet May Be a Good Idea

Is pet health insurance really necessary. After reading this, you decide

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Basic Dog Training Commands

Learn how these 6 basic dog training commands will have your Shih Tzu behaving like the angel they really are..

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Find A Dog Groomer In Your Area

Want to find a dog groomer in your area? Click here to find a list of potential dog grooming facilities in your area

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Diet for a Liver Shunt

I have a 14 month old shih tzu who has a smaller liver and larger kidneys than normal and crystals in his blatter and urine. The veterinarians did an

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Rachel Ray Dog Food - Nutrish

Gave my girl Rachel Ray Dog Food. My 2 yr old female Shih Tzu, she is a very picky eater. I have tried a lot of different brands of dog food, and she

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Grooming Your Dog At Home | Shih Tzu Haircut

Grooming your dog at home is rewarding and creates a great bond between you and your Shih Tzu. Learn how to do it yourself dog grooming.

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Dog Obedience Training Tips For Successfully Training Your Shih Tzu

Learn these dog obedience training tips for your stubborn 4 legged friend

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Foods Poisonous To Dogs

There are some foods poisonous to dogs. Learn which ones can be toxic and should be avoided.

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Crate Training an Older Dog

Crate training an older dog can be challenging, but with love and patience, you’ll be able to get the job done by following these tips

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