Royal Canin Dog Food
for My Shih Tzu

I have been feeding my Shih Tzu Royal Canin dog food since he was a puppy and he goes crazy everytime I pour it in the bowl. It was recommended by my vet. He has a great coat and is very energized.

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for My Shih Tzu

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I second Royal Canin Dog Food
by: Ranita

Royal canin is my 3 month old Shih Tzu's favourite.

It can be found at most any pet store, and maybe even at your veterinarians office.

Royal Canin
by: Anonymous

While I respect that your Shih Tzu's favorite is Royal Canin, in my opinion, the only reason Vets recommend specific dog food is because they get paid for it by the company.

Some other good dog foods which are the less known brands, are Barking Heads, Orrijen, Lilly's kitchen, Honest Kitchen and many others.

My Shih Tzu !
by: Anonymous

My Shih Tzu loves Royal Canin dog food. It's a really great brand. They put a lot of time and research into making it, especially their breed specific food. It definitely shows, my little guy loves the Shih Tzu puppy food!

Royal Canin Hype
by: Anonymous

My vet also recommended Royal Canin. We weren't one of the lucky ones. My Shih Tzu liked it at first. Now she has lost so much weight and her coat doesn't look so good. Discontinuing use. Will be making homemade dog food for a while.

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