Home Cooked Meals

by Aloha
(Honolulu, Hawaii)

We started with Beneful Dog Food for our dog. Then over time, he started to lose interest and hardly ate, which worried us.

We thought he could have been sick.

Then we started to
prepare home-cooked food for our Shih Tzu, thinking we could give him tastier, yet still healthy, food.

He loves it but we are now concerned that just because he loves it does not mean the food choices we make are the best for health.

The advice and suggestions from other dog owners are many and vary so greatly that we're afraid we might be following the wrong suggestions.

It's scary to rely solely on other people's comments. But what choice do we have? I want to get him back on kibbles again with a little home-cooked food mixed in. Will the "wisest" and most successful Shih Tzu owners out there help us?

Our Shih Tzu is 9.4 lbs and 14 months old.

Which is the most well-balanced and most nutritious brand and type of kibbles should we feed him?
Is he a puppy or adult?
How much food per feeding?
How many times a day?

Thank you so much!

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Home Cooked Meals
by: Molly


I know it can be hard to figure out what advice to take or not, that's why I rely on those in the know. I've read Dr. Pitcairns Natural Health for Dogs book and Feed Your Best Friend and got some good recipes on complete meals.

It can be a little intimidating but really it becomes easier the more you do it. And the best thing to do is always ask a veterinarian if the food your given your dogs is a well rounded complete healthy meal.

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